Mapping the Stories

What is the city? Who is part of the city?

thank heaven for little grrrls / escena co chile collaboration in Hürth Residence

Dramaturgy research with Arno Kleinofen

Period: 10 Days

Concept and realization: Jennifer Jackson, Kate Cross / the egg (UK) + Escena Có / Maria Sepulveda, Martin Rudolphy (Chile)

Impulse - Webinar: Thank Heaven for Littlle Grrrrls


thank heaven for little grrrls in Hürth

1.1. contact with schools, youth groups / clubs - casting participants.

1.2. impulse webinar / workshop

1.3. installation/presentation at a selected location in Hürth / Efferen

or in the virtual / real space Hürth- /Efferen - Chile/ UK (in compliance with all hygiene and distance regulations)