mapping the territory

When we played /A play with le abandoned possible playgrounds

1. playgrounds everywhere

Period 10 Days

Concept and realization in Brazil/Pays Basque: Artefactos Bascos.

Impulse - Webinar: Erwin Maas and Ieltxu Ortueta/ Residence:: Ieltxu Ortueta


Playgrounds Everywhere is a project of theoretical and practical exploration of play equipment (ephemeral, portable and transformable playgrounds) to be created and played in buildings (part 1) and in schools, theaters, but also parks and squares - the PUBLIC SPACE (part 2). The aim is to stimulate the imagination and the somatic sense of play through game proposals to be performed, reinvented and played by children and adults.

2. Playgrounds Everywhere in Hürth.

2.1 Casting of children, youth and adult participants.

2.2 Impulse webinar / workshop with Artefactos Bascos, Brazil / Pays Basque

2.3 Installation of the Playground Everywhere at a selected location in Hürth / Efferen

(in compliance with all hygiene and distance regulations)