Colectivo Proyecto Escritura / CHILE

THE WRITING PROJECT is about collaborative writing in public spaces. Typewriters are installed in different places so that passers-by can use them, relating to the context and place they are in. We exhibit and share the project's archive in progress creating a community performance.

The experience of writing, public reading, discussing and interacting build a liminal 

space where new stories and memories find a home. The community discovers an organic language in this performance art which they can use to show their own practices, topics, concerns, disappointment, fears, treasures, and hopes.

Everybody is welcome: diversity in terms of gender, age, territory, ethnicity is important for us. The idea is to put on stage the texts that result from this ongoing project without intermediation.

A variety of typewriters, a mix of people, different voices, listening to each other, this is the Writing Project; writing, reading and listening in collaboration.


By Colectivo Proyecto Escritura - Juan Pablo Corvalan, Javiera Osorio and Pia Gutierrez.


The encounter will be recorded and shared on our website.