the neighborhood as a theater - a museum

Grupo Sobrevento / Brazil

The São José do Rio Preto Neighborhood Museum-Theater is the result of a Documentary Object Theater Workshop directed to artists from the city of Piracicaba, São Paulo. This book is a register of the schools collected and worked on in the reflection about a new posture of the actor that contemporary theater demands. Grupo Sobrevento believes that the Documentary

Theater of Objects helps to promote this discussion. Here, artists from Piracicaba seek to reflect their surroundings, presenting them through objects that are on coffee tables, bookshelves, and in the hearts of their neighbors. These are stories collected and shared in a Theater that we barely guessed lived in such objects. With these stories, gathered during the Documentary Object Theater workshop coordinated online by Sobrevento, through the eyes of sensitive, dedicated and curious artists, we hope to put together a picture that mirrors the soul of a neighborhood.


THE NEIGHBORHOOD AS A THEATER - A MUSEUM is part of the 1+1 online/offline international collaborations, initiated by Amazonas Network.

The encounter will be recorded and shared on our website.