playgrounds everywhere

Playgrounds Everywhere - Artefactos Bascos, Brasilien/Pays Basque

The artists Erwin Maas and Ieltxu Ortega will be presenting their upcoming collaboration PLAYGROUNDS EVERYWHERE.


We draw a parallel between the current pandemic situation with post-war Europe and the historical moment in which Aldo van Eyck began his profuse, intense and profound research on child-city-public

space. A parallel between the two historical moments and the playground device that the Dutch architect researched so much with the proposal we put forward to invent playgrounds (play spaces) in a first movement of the project inside the houses. When the first playground was inaugurated in Amsterdam, children and residents of the city centre occupied the public space, making playgrounds and the need to live the city a social phenomenon. We believe that in the coming months, or as soon as possible, children will return to occupy the spaces that adult society now denies them and based on this idea, this need and the vision of building a future, artistic, free and meeting proposals, we present the project PLAYGROUNDS EVERYWHERE!


PLAYGROUNDS EVERYWHERE is part of the 1+1 online/offline international collaborations, initiated by Amazonas Network.

The encounter will be recorded and shared on our website.