Chain reaction network

Cristina Cazzola, italy

CHAIN REACTION NETWORK is one of the projects selected with the call for proposals “Boarding Pass Plus 2019” issued by the Italian Ministry of Culture to launch new and innovative networking projects to support the development of processes of internationalisation, as well as the role of artistic directors of festivals of theatre for young audiences, as promoters of our national production abroad.

CHAIN REACTION NETWORK is a project that intends to develop the international nature of Italian festivals, to make them recognisable and accessible also to international guests.

The network will support the mobility of Italian professionals and programmers by promoting a call for proposal, Passport - CHAIN REACTION NETWORK, aimed at enhancing the international visibility of Italian artists and programmers, through networking activities and by visiting some of the most important European festivals for children and young people.


CHAIN REACTION NETWORK is part of the 1+1 online/offline international collaborations, initiated by Amazonas Network.

The encounter will be recorded and shared on our website.